Soldiers Inc.

Soldiers Inc. is an online social strategy game set in a not so far future where the discovery of the biggest mineral depot causes fierce rivalry among all forces in Zandia. Build and manage a group of mercenaries and jump into the fray with thousands of commanders in the resource warfare!

You have time-traveled to 2019, in Zandia. It is a time of life or death! You have to fight to survive! This is Soldiers Inc. by Plarium, a real-time strategy game released on Facebook in 2013.

Develop – the Solution to the Jungle Law

Constructing buildings, including turrets and walls, helps defend the base and unlock new features. And it is fundamentally about resource management and money–accelerating construction progress. — That is why players have to get rich with diamonds, the premium currency, by fulfilling missions or leveling up. Synchronizing with base building, you recruit mercenaries for defense and raids and conduct researches to expand the power of your army. In addition to the usual military facilities, you should be good at trading as well. Take contract referrals for instance. One referral is offered at random for free every day, but in order to negotiate a contract to update your technologies and troops, a full set of them is required and can be gained by trading.

Attack – the Key of Growth

Eliminating an opponent gets you rewards. Sometimes it is necessary to cooperate with other gamers in order to win a battle against strong opponents or to control mining complexes or resource depots that give advantages to owners in the battlefield. Besides fighting against the rivals, you may take global missions where you can win free units, drill instructors and other special items. Combat is shown in the form of a progress bar r, representing the time of travel, raid, and return rather than an animated scene. This sees split opinions – those who prefer battle visuals view it as a turn-off, while others consider it simpler and more effective.

Defense – Not to Be Underestimated

Do build some gun turrets and walls and do not forget to keep some garrison troops, artillery, and tank traps, etc. in the base to safeguard your territory from the aggressors. regardless of the placement, it is the number that counts. It is worth mentioning a special unarmed equipment called mobile autonomous recovery and salvage (MARS) vehicle which is able to repair the artillery and gun turrets during a combat. It is highly suggested to deploy a certain amount of these vehicles around the base to support the defensive troops. And the beauty of them is they don’t consume resources and they can’t be damaged.

High graphics, intriguing stories, and professional voice acting are just several of the reasons that you must not miss this game. For the rest, you name it.

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