Siegecraft TD Review

Siegecraft TD is the highly anticipated follow-up to the strategy game Siegecraft. The new sequel plays more like Fieldrunners than the original Siegecraft, which was a hybrid of strategy and action.

The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world populated with a staggering stream of lizards that are approaching your castle with the sole intention to destroy your kingdom. You have to tactically build defensive towers with unique strengths and weaknesses in order to fend off the enemy forces and protect your kingdom.

Instead of drastically changing the basic gameplay of the original Siegecraft, Blowfish Studios has just refined and highlighted the tower defense elements for this sequel. In the game, your goal is to defend your castle against the lizard swarms by building towers and walls. Since you cannot reposition the towers once you have placed them, you must make sure you position them correctly to maximize your defense. You can also build walls around your towers to create a maze that forces the lizard waves to take circuitous routes to your castle, giving your towers more time to kill them. Any lizard that makes its way to your castle will remove one of your lives. If you lose all your lives, you’ll fail to complete the level. You will gain experience at the end of each level. As you level up, new tower types with different abilities will be unlocked.

To make it a bit more challenging beyond the familiar mechanics, the game introduces a couple of welcome new twists. Unlike some other games in this genre with fixed enemy paths, Siegecraft TD allows you to build towers and walls everywhere as long as you don’t completely block the lizards from reaching your castle. This offers a lot of viable options and encourages more variety in defensive strategies. Besides, with an acceleration option to speed up the level progress, you can triple the speed of killing enemies and earning coins for tower upgrades.

When it comes to controls, this sequel is easily accessible for both newbies and veterans. You just need to drag the towers you select and drop them in places you want. The weapons on the towers attack enemies automatically, which does away with the finger twister of manually controlling siege weapons like the crossbow and catapult in the original. You will never be annoyed by any frustrating aiming mechanics.

Aside from the single-player campaign, the game features an entertaining asynchronous turn-based multiplayer mode, where you can engage in epic battles against other players for dominance over the 7 provinces via a top-down view. Between your home province and the opponent’s are numerous provinces controlled by lizards. You must fight your way through waves of increasingly strong lizards and ultimately conquer your opponent’s province.

Visually, the game looks gorgeous with amazingly detailed 3D graphics. Real-time shadows for towers and per-pixel shaders with rim lighting for both units and towers all create an immersive gaming world. The game also lets you rotate the camera freely to view the battleground from any angle, making it convenient to notice anything that happens on the map.

The music is just fine, but without any highlights. Sometimes it works well to heighten the intense mood with inspiring rhythm, but the constant harsh grunts of lizards get really annoying.

Siegecraft TD is not like the average tower defense games saturating the App Store. Everything in the game, from the exhilarating tower defense gameplay to the simple controls and fully rotatable camera, all work incredibly well. In this sense, I should say, this game lifts the bar for the whole tower defense genre.

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