Monkey Boxing Review

Monkey Boxing is an action game presented by Crescent Moon Games. Boxing, as a popular sport, is the demonstration of strength, courage and persistence. Now it has found its way to monkeys from humans. In the game monkeys dressing like professional boxers are engaged in fierce boxing competition. What will it be like when boxing is rendered by monkeys? Monkey Boxing is showing it to you.

The game boasts 50 basic levels about the WMB Cup at the beginning and even more matches will be unlocked after then. You can either enjoy it by yourself in the single player mode or share the fun with a friend in the two-player mode.

The boxers – monkeys worth some detailed introduction in particular. The monkey doesn’t take on a tough look; instead, it appears to be funny and amusing when it glares forward while wiggling its body. As a matter of fact, its appearance is highly customizable. Boxing gloves, pants, sun glasses and headwear can be changed by color and type. Cowboy hats, earrings, hair bands, scarves, bones, helmets, or masks, you just name it. You’re even allowed to change the patterns on the pants. Moreover, if you defeat a well-known boxer, you’ll get his outfits. Some predefined outfits are designed to create a ludicrous effect. For example, you can make the monkey put on an old man’s facial expression. In all, there are thousands of variations about the monkey’s appearance. Alternatively, by tapping the dice icon on the left of the screen, you will get an outfit at random.

In addition to dressing up the monkey, you can also train it to improve its competence in terms of strength, endurance and speed. The training mechanism will be triggered from level 5. Later you will get one training opportunity after each match, whether you win or lose. Each training session lasts 20 seconds.

Having put on your new outfit, you are placed in the boxing ring. When the bell rings, it’s time to fight. Every match consists of five rounds, each of which lasts 20 seconds. The gameplay is really simple and straightforward, so is the rule: to knock out your opponent. There are only two buttons you need to use frequently. One is the single-fist icon at the right corner and the other is the double-fist icon at the left corner. By tapping the former, you throw your fists on your opponents. Tapping repeatedly generates combos. By holding the latter, you put your fists up to block your opponent’s attack. If stars appear during a match, just try to tap them all quickly to generate a powerful attack. Other icons that may emerge in a match include hearts, shields, fists, and lightening. Respectively, they increase your energy, endurance, strength and speed temporarily.

When a challenge comes, you have to rotate the highlighted wheel as far as possible to win it. The challenge actually serves as a moderation of the fierce competition. It shows the two boxers throwing fists at each other like two girls fighting. You just can’t help laughing at the scene. When a match ends, the lost one is depicted to be lying on back with bananas rotating above instead of stars like what will happen to humans. And the winner stands aside with a big smile. Many such designs make this game filled with fun.

The boxing ring is set in the middle of the screen with the audience hidden in the black backdrop. Only their cheers, flashlights and the indistinct words from the speaker let you know that you’ve been watched. Such a careful interface design helps you focus on the competition and won’t be distracted from other irrelevant elements. That’s to say, though off site, you are seeing what the monkey sees and hearing what the monkey hears on site. This helps to deliver an immersive gaming experience. Monkey Boxing also abounds for achievements. By tapping the half peeled banana on the left of the screen, you’ll see what you’ve achieved.

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